The collection, which started in 2000, today counts more than 100 pieces, and is featured on the “Wine and Art Tour”. Montpellier, Brussels, London, Shanghai, Copenhagen, the collection grows on a daily basis and is shown the world over. This body of work currently includes works that are 60% by regional artists from Languedoc-Roussillon, in honor of the vineyard’s local roots, 30% by French artists, and the rest by artists from abroad. These proportions are like to flip soon given the contacts with international artists of note who will soon add their contributions to the collection.
Today the collection includes nearly a hundred pieces, and will at some future point count some five hundred casks. For Gérard Bru, the idea has never been to sell any of these works. Their rightful place is where they can be seen by anyone who wants to see them, either in exhibition spaces or in museums.
On the “Wine & Art Tour” around the world, visitors have an exceptional window into the imagination of artists brought together in a single collection, and this is also a prestigious way to showcase Languedoc-Roussillon and its wines, including the Puech-Haut Estate, one of its most honorable representatives.